Monday, 28 October 2013

Its Been More Than A While.....ops.

Hello Peeps, I have been rubbish and haven't posted a thing for a crazy amount of time but I have been looking after little people (children) and my sister had an amazing little baby.  The new love of my life little Lanza...

 I went off exploring Thailand which was amazing.

What colours and Textiles they have out there!!!!!
I may have hit the markets a little....

 Am now living in Norfolk and am just starting to make make make again sooooooo please watch this space as there will be activity now I PROMISE!!!!
Also check out my food blog as I have been foraging and bubbling up a storm!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It's Still Weather for Wearing Wool!

New Snoods. All different shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics and patterns. 
All One off up-cycled warmers.

Fingerless Mittens, as I don't know about you but my fingers are still freezing in this weather. So here is a solution where you can still have toasty hands that you are still able to use.

Fingerless Mittens. These are my favourite lovely lace/crochet detail around the 
wrist. Soft black and grey floral woollen fabric with thumb holes.
 Arm/wrist cuffs. These do not have thumb holes in so that they can be worn
 which ever way you fancy. Great blocked colours.

Super soft navy and mottled cream cuffs. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Big Winter Snoods.

Snood that can be double wrapped. Different thickness for warm but feminine look. 

Natural tones with a splash of pink to brighten up the winter greys.

HUGE, cozy and soft snood but can be worn as a hood for those extra cod days.

This snood is reversible. Blues and oranges on one side and royal blue on the other.

Patchwork colourful large snood with black inside.

Add a little colour to your outfit this winter...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas time @ Netil Market

AmeliaWillow at Netil Market, Hackney.
 Great day out(every Saturday) it was lovely being back.

Hanging mittens and snoods. I sold out so better get making...

A delicious lunch from fish and flounder at Netil, a crab bap with yum yum chips.

 Washed down with a warming Norfolk made Gnaw hot choc stick and marshmallows from Street Shakes at Netil.

oooooo... melting...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mitten time of year!!!

Lovely soft up cycled fingerless mittens

Fingerless mittens with thumb holes.

Love these, little wrist cuffs.

 Great colours to brighten up the winter months ahead.

A great pair of woollen and lace mittens.

I didn't put thumbs holes in these...

therefore they can be worn either way round you fancy.
Now available on Etsy visit my shop ameliawillowdesign .

Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter Warmers...

The lovely BO Boutique popped a few of my bits and bobs on her stall at Backyard Market in Brick lane.

New glittery snood, perfect from the crimbo season.

What I Have Been Up To...

New wool and of course all one off, up-cycled, handmade pieces.

Pretty pink flower.

Crazy, coloured, faux fur head bands using colour swatches of fur from a well known fashion house.

Love this one pinks to purples to black. May be a keeper ops.

Time for tea and the first mince pie of the year.

Leg warmers with lovely bow detail.

Patchwork bed. Covered in my up cycled, patchwork blankets/shawls. 

New winter Mittens topped with lace detail.

Time for frothy milk. Yum.

Latest snood. Navy and crochet red strip.